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Quick Overview

Who is this Trip For?

The Maldives is a Perfect Tropical Paradise!

With Crystal Clear warm Waters, Stunning Islands, immense Marine Wildlife Biodiversity, and extremely Friendly People!

A must-visit for any traveler looking to relax or enjoy worldfamous pristine beaches and Tropical Island life!

Popular as a Honeymoon Destination, but also awesome for Families, Groups, or Solo Travelers.

In the Top Tips and Where to Stay sections we have provided info on how to do this trip on a budget.

Perfect for 5-14 Days during the Dry season (December to April), this is a trip of a Lifetime!

Suggested Activities

World Famous for its snorkelling possibilities, the Maldives offers an incredible range and vibrancy of Unique Marine Wildlife.

Best seen either with snorkels or scuba diving, you could even take a course to get a scuba license!

Snorkelling is a must-do activity when in the Maldives, as you will possibly see Turtles, Manta Rays, Tropical Fish, and maybe even Whale Sharks!

If you want to get a real glimpse into the life of the Local people, visit a local Island (not a resort), and experience the local food and learn about the culture and history of these unique Islands!

Of course, the beaches are what you came for!

With the Pristine White Beaches fit for a dream (so white because of the bleached coral that turns into the sand), soak in the sun and swim in the warm waters!


These Tropical Island Atolls are actually created as the result of a long process of Huge Ocean Volcanos that Sank! And the Lagoons inside the Island Rings are above the Collapsed Peak!

This Vibrant, Bustling, and PACKED City is the fascinating backbone that makes it possible for the Maldives to host such numbers of Tourists.

In the Top Ten most densely populated urban areas on the Planet, with over 65,000 people per Kilometre!!!! 

This is the sad truth behind the Maldives, with locals having to find a way to live here in order to seek better opportunities through secondary education

Fishing is integral to the Maldivian Culture, a way of life.

Joining the locals on a fishing trip will give you an insight to how they have been fishing for generations.

With warm waters and reliable wind, the Maldives are the perfect location to try out water Sports.

From Sailing or Kayaking to Windsurfing and Jet-Skiing, experience these Adrenaline filled activities in the Perfect location for them!

Top Tips

Some ways to save a LOT of money and open up the Maldives Trip to many more people are to.

  1. Stay on a local Island instead of a Resort (In Guesthouses, Airbnbs, Hostels).
  2. Eat at Local Cafes and Restaurants rather than Resort Restaurants.
  3. Book activities through Local Operators rather than through a Resort.

Having mentioned the Budget Options… THE MOST INCREDIBLE way to sleep in the Maldives is on an Overwater Villa!

These are just like out of a movie, Dream, Book, imagination… and are an incredible experience!

Sleeping on the water, with the starry night-sky and listening to the calming ocean is a Life-Long Memory Experience waiting to happen!

If you are on a budget, consider planning to do this for ONE Night at least, and maybe share the costs between your friends (or friends you make along the Trip)!

On the Resort Islands or at the Beaches you don’t need to worry about this too much, but on the Local Islands or when interacting with Locals, it is respectful to adhere to local customs and dress more Conservatively.

Make it Unique

To get a Bird’s eye view of the crazy Island Landscape, book a Seaplane Tour (either as a stand alone adventure or as your mode of Transport to the next Island) and be ready to marvel at the Natural Beauty of this Country!

Tourism often negatively impacts Destinations as much as it Impacts them Positively, so why not give back to the local environment by joining a coral reef restoration project.

A romantic and unforgettable experience, book a sunset cruise to enjoy the beauty and peaceful sunset over the Indian Ocean.

And if you are lucky you might be visited/joined by Dolphins!

How to get There?

Flying: Malé International Airport (MLE) has many connections worldwide, although often with a connecting flight.

How to get Around?

You can get around the City by Taxi or the local Ferry.

Between Islands, you have the option of booking a Speedboat or Seaplane.

How to get There?

Flying: Malé International Airport (MLE) has many connections worldwide, although often with a connecting flight.

How to get Around?

You can get around the City by Taxi or the local Ferry.

Between Islands, you have the option of booking a Speedboat or Seaplane.

Safety Concerns

The Maldives is generally a Safe Country for Tourists.

As with any tourist destination, be mindful of your belongings and take common sense precautions. Some specific concerns:

  • Be mindful of strong currents and changing weather conditions when around Water.
  • As the Maldives is a predominantly Muslim country, be respectful of Local Traditions, especially in terms of Dress Code and behavior.

Where to Stay?

Staying on a Local island rather than a Resort is the best way to save money, and will also give you a much more real experience of how Life is for Locals. The best forms of accommodation on Local Islands are Airbnb’s, Guesthouses, and Hostels.

But if you want to spend the money and escape from reality, then the Resorts are of course a Stunning Experience.
Ideal are the Overwater Villas which are a totally Unique Travel Experience, Utterly Unforgettable!

  • Hostels: There are many great options for affordable hostels, either with shared or private rooms. Hostelworld is a great resource to find and book beds.
  • There are many great Airbnb offerings, and this option may be the best value for families or groups, and there are also lower-priced Airbnb’s for solo Travelers.
  • Hotels and Resorts are amazing options for families or couples, and perfect for people mainly looking to relax or get the Premium, Stunning, Perfect/Polished Maldives Experience.